Fashion house Montulet was founded in 1953 in the Liège area of Belgium. The founder, Pierre Montulet, started his first clothing boutique after graduating from the L’école Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège with a specialization in men’s fashion. Ready-to-wear clothing was rare at the time, which meant that the majority of clothes were hand-tailored.  During the 1960s, ready-to-wear clothing started taking off rapidly, which propelled Montulet to success in the now niche of his industry. People of influence and stature of Liège enjoyed his services, craftsmanship, honesty and professionalism.

Pierre’s son, André Montulet wanted to expand due to popular demand, and opened another boutique in the small popular tourist town of Visé, close to the Dutch border. This eventually lead to ambitions to set foot across the border as well, and the first Dutch boutique opened its doors in 1987 on the Smedenstraat in Maastricht. The location in the Stokstraatkwartier proved excellent with a highly marketable environment. Quality traditional prestigious brand names like Brioni, Cesare Attolini, Borrelli as well as Kiton also welcomed Polo Ralph Lauren, Eleventy, Fay, Hogan, Ermenegildo Zegna and Isaïa, which attracted an even larger and more international clientele.However, it is the ambiance that gives Montulet life; the boutique breathes magnificence.

One recognizes, notwithstanding the competition as well as pleasure of operating in the fashion world, the centrality of the esthetic: which includes the passion for beauty, the accuracy of colors and the refinement of materials used. Those who travel and look around learn how to compare and appreciate that which is source of distinction, quality and uniqueness.

The year 2014 marked the start of a new direction. The Montulet brothers launched their own original concept. Olivier and Sébastien developed another fashion statement and style: the innovative chic. The combination of classic styles with contemporary fashion like a classic pair of dress pants with a jeans vest or a navy blue tuxedo jacket with a pair of stonewashed bleached jeans. It is the amalgamation of formal and casual coming to term together and complementing as opposites. Brands like Eleventy, Barba or Jacob Cohen understand this eclectic tendency to dress as we see it from the young Italian upper class.  Leaving the classic formal dress code for an opportunity to express their taste of beauty and originality while and freeing themselves of the standard dress code without going overboard. All that would not be possible without good knowledge of the industry and craftsmanship as tailors. Knowing how a garment is assembled and each step of the process carefully assessed gives the customer confidence in their search for perfection.

Everything that is hand-made is manufactured in the Montulet tailor shop. Here, one can hand-pick and combine whatever item one wishes for and have it tailored to need, desire and perfection. Since practice makes perfect and the brothers have been developing and improving on their products and in their field of fashion continuously, their private label illustrates this and feeds right into the demand. Maastricht, in the heart of the Euregio, bordering Germany and Belgium, attracts large numbers of tourists who come to experience its southern charm and quaint streets. The challenge of initiating a private label brings along risks, but the acceptance and approval of the Maastricht clientele have contributed to its exclusive integration. The connection between the cities of Maastricht and Liège and its inhabitants also shows this, with many coming to Maastricht to relax and enjoy its beautiful architecture and monumental streets, good food, rich atmosphere and exclusive boutiques.