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Cinnamon - Turmeric



The Zanzibar Spices scented candle is a real decorative object. The color of the saffron-yellow wax is accentuated by a delicately iridescent yellow glass reminiscent of the color of the spices that passed through the wonderful island whose name it bears.



The scent of Zanzibar Spices is a gourmet blend of spices, like cinnamon and turmeric, which immediately transports us to the end of the world.



Always let the candle burn until its surface is completely liquid. This step can be long, especially during the very first burn. Once the wax is completely liquid, you can let the candle burn for up to an hour. The layer of liquid wax should never exceed a centimeter high. Never exceed the maximum burning time indicated on the instruction tablet, or allow it to burn until the end. Always keep a centimeter of wax at the bottom.

Dimensions and characteristics offered:

  • Max 10: height 10 cm, weight 500 grams, estimated burning time 60 hours
  • Max 16: height 16 cm, weight 1.0 kg, estimated burning time 150 hours
  • Max 24: height 24 cm, weight 3.0 kg, estimated burning time 400 hours
  • Maxi Max: height 35 cm, weight 6.5 kg, estimated burning time 800 hours
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