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Jacob Cohën Jeans Nick SLIMFIT UQM06 3P P3582

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About the brand
“Brand of elegant Italian-made pants”

JACOB COHEN is a pants brand founded in 1985 by director Nicola BARDELLE and a group of designers located in Pontelongo (Padua), Italy.

The concept is “jeans that go well with a well-fitting jacket”. Specializing in denim with beautiful legs, we express an originality different from others through the charm of a structured sense and the creation of beautiful lines that elongate the legs. An Italian brand of pants with a luxurious silhouette and addictive warm comfort.
Take a look at the playful pants that look like typical Italian pants art.

About the article
“Luxury denim that reveals luxury through the use of discreetly designed pieces”
JACOB COHEN, a luxury denim brand that disrupts conventional wisdom about denim and achieves the highest quality comfort and beauty through advanced Italian-made technology and 3D cutting, has arrived with the GRAND TOUR series of high quality denim with a beautiful design.
This is the latest work from classic model NICK, known for her slim, compact hips and proudly beautiful leg silhouette. It is a piece that will give you a special feeling, because it represents the elegance of a work of art.

The soft, smooth texture of the denim fabric, dyed in a pale indigo color with a hint of seasonal flavor, forms the basis of the overall stylish look.
The moderately faded finish results in a subtle beard that doesn't stand out too much and reflects surrounding facial expressions, creating a unified look.

Careful ironing by artisans has created a delicate design that eliminates excessive sagging in the thighs and back of the knees, resulting in a surprisingly streamlined shape, and its beauty is sure to delight those who wear it. another.
Perhaps the secret to denim that pairs well with a suit jacket lies in its perfect contours.

The logo embroidery on the front is done using a two-tone dark red and bright beige thread, and the elegant stitching pattern continues to the back pocket.
The bright colors give a great overall impression, which sets it apart from the basic jeans category.

Additionally, the attractive points that you should pay attention to are the original parts that have a luxurious look.
The top button adorning the waist has a rich, deep sheen that shines elegantly, making it a luxurious piece of jewelry.
And the Haraco patch on the back adds an artistic touch that makes it look like a piece of landscape art from Palermo, Italy. By the way, the pattern of the patch is a landscape painting of the ancient theater of Taormina, and the front button is designed with the Porta Felice, a monumental gate of the castle of Palermo, Sicily.

The included handkerchief, which became familiar to Jacob Cohen, was also designed to fit perfectly into the overall atmosphere.
It has a shimmering presence that makes it hard to believe that it is part of the denim, and its color is full of elegance and can be called a work of originality.

This premium item embodies the identity and particular commitment of the brand.
Why not try coordinating it with a well-made suit jacket to complete a modern look that's as noble as trousers, while still giving off a casual feel?

The color is a soft blue wash that fades evenly and is a soft, bright color that pairs well with sunny spring and summer outfits.

``A streamlined, well-thought-out silhouette that draws soft curves and maintains a beautiful shape.''
The silhouette is an even more handsome update of the older 622 model and is a NICK slim fit model representative of Jacob Cohen.
The slight taper of the knees gives an overall impression of style, while the thighs have just the right amount of room to increase comfort and create a natural slimness.

Although a little shallow, the waistband wraps around the waist for a secure fit, and the shape and position of the pockets create a compact hip. He has a great figure that looks elegant from the back.
In addition, careful ironing using advanced technology creates a wonderful three-dimensional effect, avoiding unnecessary wrinkles on the thighs and backs of the knees and maintaining neat and beautiful lines.

Incorporate beautiful silhouette pants, perfect for dressing up denim, and enjoy casual style for fashion-savvy adults.

``High quality stretch denim fabric covered with a soft feel and gives a sophisticated look.''
The material is made from modern materials such as rayon and cotton with added stretch to make it more comfortable and softer

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